Omnilibertarian Lexicon
Perhaps this can become the "Esparanto" of libertarianism, to encourage mutual understanding among left libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, anarcho-socialists, agorists, voluntaryists, mutualist anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, and other libertarian viewpoints.
Slave-speak Free-speak
leader (of a government entity) ruler
tax-payer tax-serf
capitalism Avoid! Ambiguous. Instead use:
    statist kind statist capitalism or corporatism or economic fascism or neo-mercantilism.
    stateless kind libertarian capitalism or free market capitalism or propertarian anarchism
socialism Avoid! Ambiguous. Instead use:
    statist kind anti-propertarian statism or
collectivist statism
    stateless kind anti-propertarian anarchism or
anti-propertarian libertarianism
rent-seeking loot-seeking
The Slave 'We' - E.g. Our country, our nation, our leader, we bombed ...
"Support Our Troops"
The State's claimed turf, the ruler, the ruling elites bombed ...
"Condemn the Rulers' Hired Murderers"

Statists like to sugar-coat "State" with friendlier names appealing to racial, ethnic, and religious characteristis ("nation") or with regional localism ("country.")

  1. an organization with an effective monopoly on the legitimate use of force in a given geographic area.
  2. an institution of legitimized plunder. (production vs predation)
When government does it When anybody else does it
FISA/PATRIOT Act felony wiretapping
enhanced interrogation torture
no-knock raids breaking and entering
taxation robbery/extortion
arrest kidnapping
indefinite detention holding hostages
income/property tax tribute; "protection" money
"protecting and serving"" kidnapping and terrorizing
government education government indoctrination
campaign promise lie
campaign contribution bribery
lobbying bribery
defense operation military aggression
military occupation land theft and mass murder
peacekeeping mission invasion
TSA patdown government sexual assault
national security ruler ambition
war mass murder
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