The Anarchist FAQ

Liberty is the mother, not the daugher, of order.



For years the only anarchist FAQ was a biased sectarian socialist screed originally intended not to explain anarchism, but to disparage modern forms of it. Since its appeal to tradition is so uncharacteristic of the free and independent spirit of anarchism, and because so many people were being mislead, we wrote this FAQ. We take a broad open definition of anarchism which includes all major schools of thought. If you want details about particular branches of anarchism, we hope the links give you a start in your research. We strive to explain generic anarchism here - the core beliefs common to all forms of anarchism.

The Anarchist FAQ version 1.0   •   This FAQ was started Jan. 2018 as a fork of An Anarchist FAQ 13.1

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The Anarchist FAQ
  1. What is Anarchism?
  2. Why are anarchists
    against the State?
  3. How does anarchism help
    solve our major problems?
  4. Are “anarcho”-communists
    really anarchists?
  5. What would a stateless
    society look like?
  6. What do anarchists do?
  7. Do you have symbols & art?
  8. Bibliography

Statist Fallacies
Property Panarchy
Anarchist Essays

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