Statist Claim: Taxation is rent. (You own nothing.)



"Property in this country comes with the condition of taxation."

Implied: because you know you will be taxed when you buy property, it is right (or you consent.)


This doesn't follow. "Walking with a short skirt on this street comes with the condition of rape." Try again. Just because one knows that aggression is likely or possible does not make the aggression right. (DBR)

So if someone buys property in a high crime area, they deserve to have their door kicked in by robbers and be stabbed to death in their bed… Gotcha! (JG)

"Opening a business in this part of town comes with the condition of paying the Mafia its protection money." It's still the same "reasoning." (LT)

Agreeing to risk X is not agreeing to X. A woman who goes out at night risks rape, but that is not consent to rape. In short:

Resignation is not consent!