Statist claim: Tea Party is Anarchy



Statist: The Tea Party are anarchists! I'm such an ignorant git that I can't tell the difference between neoconservatism ("progressive" nanny-state big-government welfare-warfare statism) and those who would prefer a free society following the NonAggressionPrinciple!


Let's see: Tea Party is for foreign wars. Anarchists are anti-war.

The Tea Party is for medicaid/medicare (just not "single payer" for other people). Anarchists are not.

The Tea Party is for laws against peaceful behavior like drug use, speeding, etc. Anarchists are not. (That covers a whole raft of shit, so count it as ten points, not just one.)

The Tea Party is for political solutions; while some anarchists support gradual improvement, most would push Rothbard's magic button, and all anarchists want to abolish the State.

The Tea Party is against illegal immigration. Anarchists want to abolish borders. (DBR)

The Tea Party is for protectionism, barriers to trade, and favors to crony firms. Anarchists oppose corporatism aka economic fascism.