Statist claim: Soldiers Protect Your Freedom.



"You should be thankful for the military. They protect your freedom."


An expropriating property protector is a contradiction in terms. —Dbudlov Johnson

The facts are these: the government steals and extorts tax money from the productive (any government does this) to fund their military, so they can commit mass murder. They run the schools, so they can brainwash people into believing that their soldiers are fighting for their "freedom."

Name one freedom the US military has given us since the start of the Iraq war. One that we've gained. I can think of several we have lost since then, so don't try to bullshit me. US government soldiers do not fight for my freedom—they fight for their paychecks and their bosses. Period.

What I have learned from ar apologists and troop worshipers is:

  1. Shut up and sit down. There is no room for dissent.
  2. Be happy about having your money taken from you by force to fund immoral wars.
  3. Be grateful that people were paid by that stolen money to commit atrocities overseas including murder of innocent women and children, the flattening of cities, massive pollution, wanton destruction, rape, torture, etc.
  4. Learn to love violence and destruction, and apologize for those people doing it. Oh and:
  5. If you don't like it, leave. Or
  6. We will kill you if you disagree with us.



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