Statist claim: Anarchists are anti-social hermits.



A particularly ignorant meme has been going around (January 2013); the text of the image is:

"Hey you. With the guns."

"Your paranoid fantasies about a theoretical future fascist government takeover do not trump my rights to demand appropriate and reasonable public health policies to stop gun violence."

"Sincerely, The Rest of the American People."


Hello yourself, with the ignorance!

"Paranoid" — wrong. Please take the time to learn some history: look up Japanese-American internment, Hitler's concentration camps, and Stalin and Mao's mass-murder campaigns, for instance.

"Theoretical future fascist government" — define fascist for me, please?[1] If you're really careful, you may come up with a definition that doesn't match what we have right now; but it will have the failing of having no bearing on reality.

It also doesn't take a fascist state to infringe rights. Consider all those locked up right now for victimless "crimes". So much for that. And then there's the home defense angle, and collectors, and hunters, and target shooters… whatever the reason a person owns a firearm, there is no right to infringe on said ownership or acquisition.

"my rights to demand" — demand away, intolerant one! Just don't threaten or initiate harm or support such action. Forcefully taking away property or interfering with voluntary trade is harm—and that includes adding fees or taxes, or supporting same.

"appropriate and reasonable public health policies to stop gun violence" — start by pushing for removing any and call concealed carry bans if you really care about public health. If you're just using a recent tragedy to infringe on individual rights, though, kindly piss off.

"Sincerely" — that's a funny way to spell "trollingly" or "I would like to threaten peaceful people".

"The Rest of the American People"—shockingly, even if there are a majority that would like to infringe on individual rights (and there are a huge number of gun owners and enthusiasts in the US), that still doesn't make it moral. There are also moral people without guns that would oppose initiating aggression against firearm owners: one does not need to own a firearm to be against infringement. So perhaps this diatribe should have been addressed "To All Moral People".

Have a nice day; do try to attempt reason in future. Please consider, for example, becoming a supporter of the Non Aggression Principle, a moral principle for living. (DBR)

[1] Fascism is a very simple concept and a very simple idea. It's the idea that the state comes before the people. Rights come from the state. Jobs and employment come from the state. The state owns all property and licenses it to the public. The definition matches what we have right now to almost an overbearing degree. (D. Scones)