Statist claim: Anarchists are anti-social hermits.


"Libertarians want you to have to spend every waking moment of your life worrying about the most minute details like when you flush, where does it go?" (Tom Girsch)

Some statists are under the impression that either libertarians will have to be completely self-sufficient on their own, handling every service personally, growing their own food, providing for their own defense, etc.


Even today, private companies frequently provide utilities, although sometimes subsidized or with competition excluded by the state. And of course, today food is provided by private farmers, delivered by private trucks, and sold by private supermarkets, albeit with plenty of state taxes and interference.

It is not at all the case that a libertarian must be a hermit, although he can be if he wants to. A free society is about voluntary co-operation, not forced individualism. While you couldn't be forced to pay for any service, people will still want groceries, water, sewage, etc., and where there is (economic) demand, people will seek to provide demanded goods and services. Most people will prefer to continue to pay specialists to provide services more efficiently than they can themselves. (DBR)

It is amazing that voluntaryists, famous for advocating free markets and an international division of labor, are sometimes accused of wanting to be Robinson Crusoe! [HB]

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